Gado Itumousai

Konda‘s older brother, and a brute on the battle fields, Gado is a towering and imposing man, having trained all of his life for military service. He was taken, along with Konda to fight in Issu’s army. After proving himself an exemplary soldier, he was promoted to General. One of the Issu’s “Three Great Generals” he was known as the Ogre, alongside Konda, the Dragon, and Umezawa, the Tiger.

Battle of Kawajima

Gado was present at the battle of Kawajima, his forces having occupied the center of the town, but were soon cut off from the rest of Issu’s men. After a long struggle, only a few of Gado’s men, himself included, managed to escape before the city was bombed by Umezawa’s unit. Gado protested the excessive use of force, but was exiled by Konda, now Lord of Eiganjo after Issu’s death shortly before.

Seige at Shizo Prison

After his exile, Gado, and the few men who remained loyal to him, retreated north to Sizo Prison. There, they attacked the guards, holding the building for ransom. Konda quickly dispatched a military force, but by the time the unit had arrived Gado had completely claimed the prison, his numbers bolstered by the prisoners and those guards who chose to follow him. Gado’s forces were merciless, and those that survived only did so by pledging allegiance to Gado. Gado, using his massive force, imposed a treaty between bandit clans living within the mountains, with him ruling over all.


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