Issu Motogami

Early Rule

Issu was the youngest man ever to be named Lord after an intense period of civil war between clans in Eiganjo. His first decree as Lord of Eiganjo was to banish the Void Clan from the city, and make displayed allegiance to the clan punishable by death. This was to prevent his clan’s foes during the civil war from rising up once again.

Orochi Wars

Issu’s first military action was during the great Orochi wars, a series of conflicts that lasted for years, finally ending with the Battle of Kawajima. The wars began from a series of teritory disputes between the Tribes of the Orochi, and the Kitsune. These two faction had feuded for centuries over exact territorial boundaries, but it wasn’t until Issu and the humans of Eiganjo had become involved that the conflicts came to a head. After beating the Orochi back into the forests, Issu himself rode to Kawajima, where the Orochi had taken the city as a stronghold.

Battle of Kawajima

Issu arrived at the battle, his forces there having been badly beaten. The battle raged fro weeks, ending when Issu was killed in battle, and named Konda as his successor with his dying breaths.


Issu has been known as a ruthless and calculating ruler, one who, near the end of his rule, began to lose his mind. Rumors have sprung up stating the Issu had dispatched soldiers to find Ari, a legendary castle refered to in myths and bet time stories. Issu was responsible for the strongest military ever to grace Eiganjo, lead by the “Three Great Generals”, Umezawa, Konda, and Gado.


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