Konda Itumousai

Early Life and Service

Konda was born the youngest of two, his older brother Gado being 3 years his elder. From a young age Konda showed signs of a great strategist, and it is no small wonder that Issu summoned him at the age of 20 to serve as wartime adviser. Konda’s cunning and strategy is credited for numerous victories during the Orochi wars, a long military campaign focused in the eastern forests and the banks of the Eego river.

The Battle of Kawajima

The Battle of Kawajima was the last campaign in the Orochi wars, and was fought in the small town of Kawajima, off the banks of the Eego River. This battle was unique in that three armies took to the field, the Orochi tribes, Issu’s army, lead by him personally, and the Ogres of the Rife Mountains to the north. Issu’s three great generals, Gado, Umezawa, and Konda were also present, each leading their own battalions.

Current Status

Following the victory at Kawajima, Konda is now the emperor of man, residing in Eiganjo Castle, having taken the place of the fallen Issu. Konda rules with an iron fist and works to quickly extinguish any embers of rebellion by having those who would speak against him simply vanish.


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